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Toshiba, Love Film, Mason Zimbler
Toshiba Robot
Case Study Digital

The Toshiba Robot was a concept that needed the impact from a 20ft Cg robot to portray the message “Experience films like never before”. The White Balance worked closely with the Photographer and Art Director from concept stage through to the final delivery. The end result was used for the web, editorials and billboard marketing.

case study

Experience your favourite films like never before… 

Mason Zimbler wanted to have an image that was as bold as the campaign title – “Experience your favourite films like never before”. The brief was to reflect the experience of a movie happening in your living room promoting Toshiba’s BluRay player.

Working alongside award winning photographer Charles Emmerson the cgi team at The White Balance were able to produce striking images that met all the desires from the Art Direction at Mason Zimbler.
Early concept visual:

Simulating the sofa position and camera used in the actual photograph we were able to camera match the 3D physical camera into a locked position. It was then a case of modelling the robot within the studio space. As the final deliverables were to be used as high res campaign prints the final render needed to be larger than 10000 pixels. Texturing the robot was vital as with that detailed render every scratch would be visible. The image really came to life at the post production stage, adding in the smoke and fire added the wow factor to the final visual.

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