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ToryBoy The Movie
Case Study Documentary Illustration

The White Balance created 10 short 2D animations for ToryBoy The Movie. The film produced by Walsh Bros was short listed for a prestigious Grierson Trust 2011 award for Best Documentary on a Contemporary Issue.


Along with Sofa Surfers and Toy Soldiers (my recently Prix Jeunesse nominated film) ToryBoy The Movie has been my third project with The White Balance and we hope to continue that successful partnership into 2012 and beyond. 

... John Walsh, Producer Walsh Bros

case study

"Documentary of the Year" - The Guardian...

The White Balance received the brief to make the animations distinctive to the film without being a major distraction. Using the style of Saul Bass who was most known for his angular animation styles for title sequences for the great Hollywood directors: Alfred Hitchcock, Otto Preminger, Stanley Kubrick and Martin Scorsese, but these days his style is rarely seen.

This map cap comedy best captured the visual style and the transition of the film was making from a serious expose of the political shenanigans in the North East, to a political satire. 

Understanding the approach and sensitivity needed on creating the animations – especially when creating the characters and storyboarding the content to convey the messages needed. The tone of the animations were set using humor and intricate transition techniques. We had to keep them simple but engaging. The White Balance would have a script from John Walsh (Producer) and an audio file that might include dialogue and sound fx for each animation.

We would issue a basic storyboard to check for timings, colour palette and transitions between scenes. We would agree the character design and then commit the short animation to then animate for final approval.

ToryBoy is a documentary following BAFTA nominated film-maker and Labour voter John Walsh’s journey to become a Conservative Candidate for a seat in a Labour heartland during the British 2010 General Election Campaign. What he uncovers is a place where intimidation and neglect have scarred a town that politics has forgotten. He goes on a quest to find the local absentee Labour Member of Parliament. Using his insights as a candidate and animations provided by The White Balance, ToryBoy is a political satire that cuts to the heart of the current British anger over politicians who have exploited a system for years. Working with news footage, animation and film from the campaign shot over a year, ToryBoy is a extraordinary look into the political culture of one of the world’s oldest democracies.

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