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Petrol Promise...

Right Angle
Petrol Promise
Case Study Digital Documentary Illustration

Full CGI animation portraying a political message for a campaign led by Right Angle.


One of the most exciting companies I have worked with so far is The White Balance. Over the past few months they have produced a short campaign video, for, campaigning for cheaper petrol and diesel. The standard is second to none, and I was struck by the professionalism and dedication of the team. Strongly recommended."

... Paul Abott, Director Right Angle

case study

Fighting for cheaper diesel and petrol prices!...

High fuel prices are literally forcing people off the roads. They are crushing our economy, and creating a poverty trap.

A strong political message The White Balance faced the challenge of getting across through the medium of animation, how did we do it? When we were approached by Right Angle to produce a political animation we wanted to steer away from the harsh info graphic style you see so often. After looking at different colour palettes and texture options we decides on a soft paper textures using a homemade "pin people" look as our main character’s.

As always we start with a concept, once all parties are clear and decided we move onto the storyboard stage. Once agreed with the client the project moves into the 3D modelling and animatic stages, this enables everyone involved to get a clear sense of the style and direction of the animation.The texturing of the "pin people" involved details such as cardboard edges, custom made paper textures and in particular "Sue’s" coiled newspaper hair

The final results provided the client with a clean animation with a friendly aesthetic look, delivering an important political campaign message.

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