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Brewers, E3 Media
Decorate Now
Case Study Digital Interior

Working along side E3 Media, The White Balance created 21 fully 3D interior visuals for the recently launched Decorate Now website, part of the established Brewers Paint group. Each interior was designed and detailed by The White Balance, providing E3 with editable walls for the colour changing paint tool featured on the site.


Always a pleasure to work with The White Balance. Great quality, great creative and lovely people to work with.

... Jude Bawden, Senior Account Manager

case study

An interactive decorating experience…

Brewers are the UK's largest independent supplier of decorating materials.

The extensive range of services offered to the professional decorator has been a cornerstone of Brewers reputation since the company was founded over 100 years ago in 1904.

E3 media commissioned The White Balance to produce the 21 individual interior visuals allowing for complete manipulation of colour. The interior cgi’s will be featuring on a complete new site and experience for Decorate Now - a brand new site and siter company for Brewers. Drawing on our skill sets from Interior Design to Photography we created the visuals from mood board stage. Working closely with Art Direction from our paintworks neighbors E3, we were able to closely monitor each stage of the 3D process.

Moving forward from a signed off mood board and initial concept sketch we were able to begin creating the 3D content and composition. The camera position was vital for each visual due to specific walls needing to be visible for the final colour editing tool. Furniture was modeled uniquely to the clients selections, each room had to be dressed with minimal “clutter” we aimed for a showroom look. 

Once the 3D model was complete we could start to light and texture the scene. Our workflow is completely Linear - allowing for a more natural final render. Especially in Interior visuals a linear workflow really helps when lighting scenes accurately. 

Usually our involvement in the cgi process will end after post – production and issue of the final view, but with all 21 visuals we had another stage to go through. By creating masks, separate shadow and light layers we produced editable Photoshop files for E3. This allowed the digital team to generate PNG’s for the final interactive online tools.

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