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Colt, Hurricane
Case Study Identity

The White Balance produced a full HD animation in collaboration with Hurricane for Colt Technology. The animation was used for global corporate conferences and events presenting the information delivery platform.


I worked with The White Balance on an animation project for Colt Technology. From storyboard, they produced a stunning 3D animation. Very fast, very easy to work with. Plus, an end result which impressed the client. Result.

... Matt Simpson, Art Director

case study

Smarter, Faster, Further…

Colt is Europe’s information delivery platform, enabling its customers to share, process and store their vital business information.

Working under the art direction of London based brand strategists – Be the Hurricane, The White Balance were commissioned to produce a marketing and communication asset for the global technology company.

The creative brief for the animation was very clear from the beginning. The White Balance were issued with a concept storyboard for the proposed film. This already depicted the journey and allowed us to spend vital time working up the visual look and style of the animation.

To achieve the “data flow light bar” we created the individual elements in 3D, animating the data icons using particle systems and light materials. This was the most prominent part of the story – the light trail was the key motion and movement between each scene.

The light trail was built up of 8 render passes and elements, by rendering each strand and core of the trail separately it allowed us more control over that particular part in post-production. The animation was created at full HD.

The animation came to life in the post production stages. We were able to manipulate the light trail on several layers – using a variety of effects and glows. One of the essential layers was the velocity element rendered from the 3D software. The velocity layer enabled us to apply motion and z depth blur to the trail – simulating speed and energy of the data.

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