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We landed Focus Mag November cover!

The White Balance recently produced 8 CGI's for BBC Focus Magazine; visualising what life would be like in the year 2111.The 7 page feature included a front page cover and an ipad app animation.

Architecture Product Editorial
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The White Balance
23 February 2012

Welcome to 2111 BBC Focus Cover Issue….

When we received the brief to visualise the world 100 years from now our initial thoughts were “where on earth do we start?” Luckily BBC Focus Magazine had Science fiction author Stephen Baxter write an article and sent that sees him going back to the future to see how we’ll be living in 100 years’ time …


“JANUARY 2111: The recent opening of a time capsule buried by schoolchildren in London precisely 100 years ago, in January 2011, has prompted a lively discussion on the century past – and on the hazards of prophecy. Through the children’s speculations on their future we have taken a fresh look at our own year of 2111, as if through the eyes of the past. Some of what those children hoped for has not come to pass – we don’t wear silver suits and we don’t fly around in jet cars, although we do have cities on the Moon!

And yet much of what they feared has not occurred either, such as catastrophic climate collapse and terminal resource wars. As it’s worked out, much of the shape of our modern world could have been glimpsed in developments already apparent in 2011. And although certain trends have been followed as expected, most significantly climate change, resource depletion and the development of artificial intelligence and communications technologies, as always the future foreseen by those children has turned out to be full of surprises, both pleasant and unpleasant. Much has been lost, yet so much more has been saved. Perhaps those children of a century ago would agree that the world of 2111 could have turned out far worse...”

With this detailed description we were able to produce 8 accurate CGI’s to sit within the magazine feature.