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Behind The White Balance

The White Balance Recently launched our new look, including a complete re brand, website and letterpress stationary. The design of our logo evolved in house, behind the circles lays a meaning. We reveal our thought process…

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18 May 2012

A logo is for… recognition.

“A logo identifies a company in its simplest form from the use of an icon.”

 Can a logo simply define you as a company? From a single glance a judgment can be made from who you are; your company ethos through to designer kudos. So when The White Balance decided to Re brand we knew we wanted to be simplistic yet bold and stick to our roots as a company. Our goal was to create a shape or form that along with our name would be recognised as The White Balance.

Our Inspiration came in the form of a German born Architect Tian Harlan. In 1971 Harlan developed the iconic 'Chromachron' (Chroma = colour; chronos = time) watch. Using colour and time the designs reflect the values of the name behind…The White Balance (the manipulation of colour to reflect a true white.)

1971 - Tian Harlan Chromachron watch.

Looking at the shape and form of the central watch face we started to develop and rotate abstract circles to resemble the T, W and B of The White Balance. The positive and negative space reveals a triangular cut out, we developed this shape further across our branding. The concept being an explosion fragments originating from the main focal point of the logo.

The new website showcases the triangular fragments by using responsive parallaxing. Bristol based digital agency Pixillion produced the site. Other unique on brand functions includes a lightbox, floating navigation and a social media pull down, Pixillion reveal all in a case study here.

Working from Harlan's original time 'Chromachron' concept we have integrated a Day and Night element into our branding and website. The site will automatically switch based upon the time of day at your location, alternatively you can manually switch between the two if you prefer.

The complete logo design works in both 3D and 2D, check out our showreel to see it come to life!